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Aurigon News

17|05|17//Meet us at Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2017

The "Deutsche Biotechnologietage" (DBT) 2017 will take place on April 5th and 6th in Hannover. They will be hosted by BIO…

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17|04|17//Meet us at Swiss Biotech Days

The Swiss Biotech Day has long become the standard annual get-together of the Swiss bio­pharmaceutical industry.   And Basel, as one of the…

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16|03|01//CCDRD AG new member at The Biosimilars Group

CCDRD AG – a pioneer in clinical biosimilar development – strengthens The Biosimilars Group. The partnership will enable greater progress in the development…

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Science NEWS

17|01|05//Nanoparticles awaken immune cells to fight cancer

Source: Science. By: Robert F. Service Tiny nanoparticles, far smaller than the width of a human hair, might help the body’s own…

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16|11|25//An interactive three-dimensional digital atlas and quantitative database of human development

Source: Science. By: Bernadette S. de Bakker*, Kees H. de Jong, Jaco Hagoort, Karel de Bree, Clara T. Besselink, Froukje E. C. de Kanter, Tyas Veldhuis,  Babette Bais, Reggie…

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16|11|15//Induced Stem Cells: Between Hope And Hype

By: Erich Lederer. Source: DocCheckNews. Its inventor was awarded the Nobel Prize. Entire clinics wish by using this technology to rejuvenate humans…

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